Sunday, October 14, 2007

Which handbag suit me?

It’s quite a long time I did not shop for handbag. I think I had carried my existing handbag more than 3 years. But the bag still in good condition, that’s why I got no intention to change it so far.

I changed my mind after browse through coz I saw few selection of handbag which is really nice design plus attractive color to me. Let me show you one by one here.

Look at this Crazy For Polka Dots School Bag Collection, don’t you think the dots color so attractive? I think I will look more youthful if I carry it whenever I go!

Handbag from Dooney & Bourke also not bad. Though this handbag is white color and some of you may not like it coz worry it will get dirty easily. But I think if you handle with care, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Like it? Let’s shop at now!