Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Grab Cash Contest from Cuti MSN

Great news! CUTI MSN comes back again. Last session I did not win any cash from them, hopefully this around I will be the lucky star!

It’s very simple to join this cash contest; all you have to do is register yourself as CUTI Member first at, Please visit

After that go to your Window Live Messenger do the following:

• Cutizen has to add to your contact list

• Cutizen has to display the [(ip) ~ your name] tag name at MSN's My Display Name until the contest end.

Once their Event Manager announces the winner, the participant must online and show the Tag name at MSN's Display name. A notification will send to the winner via MSN and an email will be sent to the winner as well.

The winner will win minimum RM50 and maximum RM1000. by the way, the amount will bring forward to next winner if the current announced name unable to display the [(ip) ~ your name] tag name or OFF line.


keeyit said...

ohh.. easy