Sunday, October 21, 2007

Theory X and Theory Y

Management theory classify human behaviors into two categories, i.e. Theory X and Theory Y. Theory X describe the people by nature behave negatively. There are the group of people who don’t like to change, don’t like to take up challenge and think of new idea to make thing happen. They have more worries or concern than people who classified in other group.

Theory Y on the other hand describes the people who generally behave positively. People in this category prefer new challenges that make their life meaningful. They cannot sit still at the same position for long time. They will get bored easily. They are the people who actively searching for new way of doing thing or make thing happens.

By nature, I am a positive thinker. Therefore I classify myself in Theory Y, working with a group of Theory Y people is really fun. We can work together to go through all the challenges to make thing happen.

Unfortunately I have to face more Theory X people most of the time in my work place. You can imagine how my face looks like when I meet up with this group of people for business related issues discussion.