Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cheap replica sunglasses

I will visit Pasar Malam (night market) during Saturday night if I did not go anywhere. Usually I will buy vegetables and fruits from there as I can find lots of fresh stuff there. More ever, my and I very enjoy the local food selling at night market. We can eat while walking throughout the walk.

Last week, I noticed there are few hawkers selling replica Sunglasses at night market. I took a look at those sunglasses and found the design not bad as compare to genuine sunglasses. If you no tell, no one will know you are wearing replica sunglasses! LOL!

The prices for replica sunglasses not expensive too, perhaps due to they are getting the stock from Wholesale Sunglasses agents. That’s why they can offer an affordable to their customer. I grabbed two pairs for myself and one pair for hubby and guess how much I pay for all these? Hehe…..3 pairs replica sunglasses less than $200!


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