Monday, October 29, 2007

Great vacation in Hawaii

I love to browse through internet to look for nice scenery of certain places and save it as my computer wallpaper. Especially those sceneries with pretty sandy beaches, coconut trees, hammocks between coconuts and others. Those pictures look for relax and always tempted me to visit them one day. Too bad, our country does not have those clean and pretty sandy beaches. Most of our beaches are polluted with rubbish and dirty sand.

My kids love to play at beach but hubby hardly bring us there coz he doesn’t like to see the polluted place. He said wait till he has lots of money, then he will bring all of to visit Hawaii and stay at comfort place like Hawaii beach house. Wow! Cool isn’t it? I love Hawaii but I know the travel package to this place not cheap too.

Since hubby has this plan in his mind, I better read more about Kauai Travel Info now, see whether I can find some travel package that fall within hubby’s budget. I found out that Hawaii Travel Blog has lots of informative and resourceful information about Hawaii too. Bookmark this website first, if our trip is confirmed, then I can use it as my travel guideline.