Monday, October 29, 2007

Find travel info from internet

Previously before I plan for any vacation, I will only go to places that my relatives or friends ever visited coz I can dig those travel information from them. Only with their good suggestions or recommendations, then I will only plan for my vacation. At that time, I hardly search for any information via internet coz I am not sure whether the information in internet reliable or not.

Well, I was wrong. I was told that Kauai Travel Blog is a very informative and resourceful blog website that has lots of Oahu Vacation Info as well as other places in Hawaii.

Now I can rely those info in their travel blog to look for any Hawaii home rentals packages. Hopefully I able to find one that suit for family package, so that I can bring my whole family members to visit Hawaii one day. I need packages that fall within my budget…hehe…travel to Hawaii not cheap, I need to plan wisely too!