Monday, October 15, 2007

Komutar KL

Today we went to Mid Vally for one day shopping spree. Hubby did not drive car but we park our car at Seremban and took KTM to Mid Valley since this shopping mall located right after the KTM stop. See, we can save our parking fee and time on finding parking lot. Weekend not easy to find parking in MV and KLCC too.

Well, I still want to complaint about our Malaysian’s attitude when taking KTM . they never let the passengers to get down from train first before their turn to go up. Still can see passengers pushing to each other. Come on, I am carry my youngest girl and they still push me. Inconsiderate at all. shake head

Another scene is, seats that special for preggie women, people that carry kids or babies, old folks, those passengers are sitting there quietly and watching at you even saw you carry a kid with you, yet they still sitting there without feeling any guilty. One dumb male saw no one give seat to me, then he start yelling at one Malay girl, hinting her to allow me sit on her seat. Then only she willing to lift her butt and give seat to me. See, they want people to tell and hint them, then only they know what should they do! Don’t you think these people so inconsiderate!