Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Play fool by them!

I am like an idiot staff last week. I really don’t know how to describe my feeling, that’s why I feel myself like idiot. Sales department wants me to book LCL shipment for one of the customers, but they cannot confirm the actually quantity. Therefore I only book based on estimation given by store dept.

When I about to call transport to send the goods to Port Klang, then only realized the actual quantity had shoot up to more than 20m3 which can accommodate into one 20 footer container. I have to stop the LCL shipment as for this kind of quantity; I need to let the shipping line know in the first place. What is the consignee refuse to accept LCL cargo and want FCL (more cost effectiveness for them), then they may have problem claiming their ocean freight after shipment. I have to think of their situation too.

Now, my problem is I already called transporter to come, I am sure they will scold me like hell. Mine you, this is not the first time I encounter this stupid issue. All due to poor coordination between all departments. Even I constantly called up the store to check the stock quantity, yet she still couldn’t tell me the actual until last minute. Don’t you think I work like an idiot way?