Monday, October 22, 2007

A Personal Assistant for me

My office desk is full with files now. My mailbox consists of more than 20 unattended email and my customers keep calling to check for order status. At the same time, I still need to take care my household thing like remember when to pay utility bills, pay loans, and other stuff. Tell me, which item should put in priority now? Everything is urgent, everything needs to reply on the spot but I only have one brain and two hands, I cannot speed up my working speed now. How nice if my boss allow me to hire an assistant for me. I ever told him my concern but he said I can cope with my existing work, no need to hire extra personal which will incur more cost. *sigh* my boss think I am a superwomen!

I was told we actually can hire an Online Secretary to assist us in monitoring our daily work, including keep track of our schedule, arrange meetings and set appointments, check and answer emails as per our instructions, pay personal bills via online banking, monitor and update our work project and many more! Wow, sound so powerful this virtual online secretary! If my boss knows about it, I am sure he will fire me and hire her to replace my position!

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