Thursday, October 11, 2007

Big company Lousy service

We use DHL to send most of our documents and parcels to oversea countries. Frankly their service not really good even they are from big multinational company. Each time when I ask my girl to request for envelopes for sending documents, they will take their own sweet time to send me. What I mean own sweet time here is really long days or weeks to reach me. Most of the time I have to call them personally and scold them, threatened them I am going to terminate their service and switch to UPS or Fedex, then only they willing to send me the envelopes.

I use up a lot of DHL envelope sending document to my customer. About one week I can use roughly 3-4 pcs. Another angry part is I request for 50 pcs but they only send me 30pcs, so not even 2 months, I can finish all the envelopes. Then I have to request again.

Big company not necessary can function well as small company. Don’t be proud if you work in big MNC!