Friday, July 13, 2007

Get your Free ticket @ D'Paradise

D'Paradise currently is giving away 200,000 free entrance tickets that worth RM49.90 nett. They are doing this in conjunction with our Visit Malaysia Year 2007. If you wish to there one day, why not take this chance to get your free ticket? The entrance ticket for this farm is not cheap, even the hotels rate is too pricy to me. So, grab this opportunity to get your free tickets! I just submit mine, hopefully the staff are efficient enough to process it faster!

By the way, I am going there by this Sunday, 15/7, together with my girls and hubby. The trip is under hubby's company trip, we just pay half of the entrance fee, which is cheap to me. We are going to enjoy the EAT ALL U CAN of the fruits fest!

See you there!


Michelle said...

I just submitted also, wonder will get all approve or not..because I submit 3 different name..haha

Jesslyn said...

One address/household one ticket only! Mine still no news but my friends got hers today immediately after submit by today too! weird system!