Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Heavy Equipment Operator

Have you ever seen ladies learn to handle heavy equipment like bulldozer, excavator, front-end loader and backhoe? Frankly, if I have the chance, I would take up the training to learn driving the excavator coz my girls love to watch Bob the Builder, I just want to learn it to fascinate my girls only. This is because whenever they saw any excavator pass by our house, for sure they will shout: Bob the Builder, can we fix it! LOL

If you really want to handle the excavator, I would suggest you go to Associated Training Services (ATS), one of the nation’s premier Heavy Equipment Operator School. They offer heavy equipment operator training on a variety of heavy equipment and construction related trucking. Some of the training including backhoes training, bulldozer training, excavator training and front-end training.

ATS training schools able to provide you skill and experience to find employment as a heavy equipment operator. Check out their training programs to find the types of equipment that suit your interest. Who know one day I can become a part time heavy equipment operator, in order to earn more side income!