Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I want high pay!

Yearly increment of salary just over and I noticed my pay was not increase up to the percentage I want. Felt quite disappointed coz I had put in my effort to do my job; I expect I will get more than now. Hubby consoled me last night; at the same time he suggests to me why not further my study till degree level. He foresee with higher level education than existing diploma level, perhaps my boss will re-consider my qualification and might increase my salary in next appraisal review.

I think it’s time for me to think of his suggestion now, perhaps this is the only way I can ask for high pay. Apparently capella university able to allow me to earn my degree from them coz it is an accredited online university that offers the challenge and quality of a traditional classroom and the flexibility to fit education into our life. It offers undergraduate degrees in the fields of business and information technology and graduate degrees in the fields of business, education, human services, information technology, and psychology. I shall check out more information from the site to look for any degree that suit me.