Monday, October 08, 2007

Adidas suits him

Another 2 months will be Christmas festive, but I yet to think of any present to give to my hubby. Usually I will try to ask him what he wants as I don’t want to buy something that he doesn’t like it.

I think I will get him a pair of sport shoes since he can wear it to working place too. His current Adidas sport shoes already wore for more than 3 years; it’s time to look for a new pair. By the way, my hubby dislike to buy shoes during sales period as he commented usually those offer items do not long lasting. Well, that’s him! I will still shop crazily during sales period! LOL

I saw something nice in, a very nice design of Adidas Gazelle II Mens Shoes. The price ranging from $40 - $70, quite affordable to me too. The site listed approximately 5 stores that offer Adidas Gazelle Mens Shoes, thus I can compare the price first before finalized my order. That's the good part for shopping at!