Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Check carefully before your applications

It is very common for people to own credit card now, some of them even own more than 1 card in their wallet. My main reason for carrying one credit card in hand is to swipe for daily expenses like pumping petrol, grocery shopping, pay for insurance and other emergency cases. As you know, nowadays carry too much cash in hand is not safe anymore, anytime you might encounter handbag snatching case.

Well, if you wish to do Credit Card Applications, you better look for credit cards that come with features like low interest rates, 0% purchases , 0% balance transfer and others. You can compare those credit cards first via their online tools and look for the best card that suit your needs. If I will to apply for another card, I will hunt for cards that allow me to have redemption points that able to exchange for cash voucher or electrical items.