Monday, October 01, 2007

Control your time in playing online games

My sister complained to me that her son keep playing online games lately. She got mad when his son’s latest examination results deteriorate a lot. I think the only way to stop him from playing too much online games is restrict his online hour, say only can online during weekend or school holiday. I know his son likes online games very much, he ever asks from me any latest games from internet too.

As we all know, youngster nowadays very addicted to online games and online chatting. It is quite dangerous if their parent do not keep an eye to them. However I still think that playing online games is acceptable and parents need to monitor and keep track on their online hours. Students some how still need something to release their study pressure. Hehe…in fact during my school time, I also love to play online games. I even have backgammon download into my pc during college time. I learn to play blackjack from backgammon website too. The site has details steps on how to play blackjack in case you are the newbie for this game.

Usually I only play backgammon games during weekend as I don’t want to mess up my study time table with online games. I know self discipline for myself and I also aware that study is more important than any other things. As long as you do not exceed the boundary, then you are safe to play with online games.