Thursday, October 04, 2007

Eating Papers

They are eating paper!

My office A4 size plain paper very fast run out of stock since ….mmmm, since when I am not sure but as I know, when I first joined this company 3 years ago, I already noticed this kind of scenario. This is unhealthy coz they printed anything out from the printer using good and unused A4 paper. The most ridiculous is, some of them even printed they daily email correspondence. OMG, really not understand why they should do so!!! They never think of recycle concept I tell you.

The worst part, after printing, they left the papers in printer tray and unclaimed for don’t know how many days. I will feel fed up whenever I cannot find my printing reports if there are too many papers being lying at the tray. I have to spend time find for mine most of the time.

*sigh* I wish I can brainwash them to use paper wisely. Think of the trees, think of our environment!