Monday, October 01, 2007

Ladies watch for me

I hardly buy watch for myself and so far I only own 2 set of watches. One is given by my uncle when I am 18, the other one was given by my ex-boss when I resign from the company. Both are still well kept by me, and still in good condition. The main reason why I seldom buy new watch is I got no place to keep extra watch. I have too many units perfumes, bracelets and jewelries to keep at my dressing table, really no place for me to keep extra watch now. Secondly I am not a watch person; I rather use the money to buy for latest edition of perfume.

But lately while browsing through the internet, I fall in love with Skagen watches. At first I wish to buy one for my sister who is going to celebrate her 40 years old. But after think twice, I order extra one for myself. Hehe…I love the Mesh Bracelet of this watch!