Friday, October 05, 2007

Lousy CIMB’s CS

Lousy CIMB’s CS

This morning I made a call to CIMB branch that near my office area. I want to ask more info about their debit card. You know what did they reply me?

“Sorry lar, we are not sure we got such card or not?”

“Can you call to K L CS toll free?”

I was like **%%$$##.........speechless….

How come they don’t know whether their bank has such service or not? I talk to the CS staff ler, they should know very well what they have. They shouldn’t answer me NOT SURE!!

Amy already done her application, so I assume they should have it too. Don’t tell me different state different services. Sound stupid to me!

Later someone bother me on my workload, at the end I totally forget to call the toll free. When I recall, it’s already 4.30pm…..lazy to call lar.