Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Online stores make his purchase easier!

Our company has one unit of projector but it was an old model that bought 5 years ago. No doubt the projector still can use and in good condition too but my boss wish to change to a bigger big-ass screen of projector. We need the projector to do presentation whenever there is any new customer or existing customers come and visit us. He wants a perfect presentation to be done whenever they come, that’s why he is willing to spend money for a better of projector.

My boss is eying on Dell 5100MP Multimedia Projector that cost him $3499.00. He likes the excellent features provided by Dell 5100MP, plus he can get free shipping since his order is above $25.00. He commented that he got the price from after comparison with other online stores. He also had read the reviews and comments from other shopper that bought similar products from the site.

Let’s hope the new Dell 5100MP projector will be easy to handle and use.