Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Our Mangoes Gone!!

Someone stole our mango.

This morning, FIL wakes up as usual, 6am. First thing in the morning he will go out to check on his mango tree. Yup, there is a mango tree planted outside our house. There are lots of mangoes right now. he wraps up all mangoes coz he afraid birds might bite his mangoes.

I can hear he mumbling something outside the house. When he entered the house, hubby asked him what’s wrong. Hehe….someone stole his beloved mangoes that going to ripe soon. No wonder he so angry and upset lar.

FIL loves to cut mangoes or any fruits after meal time and feed my girls almost every night. Now some mangoes are gone, of course he not happy as he cannot feed his beloved granddaughters. He has to wait for few more days for other mangoes to ripe!