Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pamper myself with luxury trip

I know some of the blogger doing very well in their paid post and they earn quite a pretty figure too for the past few months! Of course I am envy them but I know they had put in lot of effort for doing so. Frankly I don’t have so much time into blogging for so many blog and I think even I am a SAHM; I don’t think I have time to blog for so many networks.

Sometimes I was wondering how they are going to spend their money? if me, I am sure will plan a luxury holiday to pamper myself. The best is to go with my family to places like Hawaii or other sandy beaches. If I will to visit Hawaii one day, I am sure will get a Hawaii Condo as my accommodation in Hawaii. I was told Hawaii condos have many beautiful sea views for most of they home rental. I want a relaxing trip and I love to stay in condo that can have a nice sea view.