Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Poker Tables from AGS

Chinese love to gamble during Chinese New Year festive, including my family members too. Frankly last time I love to join them to play poker games but I stopped it after having kid coz my kid is very demanding type, she constantly needs my attention, no one else can soother her when she cry badly. Even hubby also couldn’t help me stop her from crying. No choice, I have to give up poker games activities during CNY festive and I only can be a watcher there while entertaining my girl.

I told my uncle why not get a nice poker table since they play poker games every year during the festive. More ever, poker table is not expensive if we can purchase it during sale season. I introduce him to look for Poker Tables from American Gaming Supply since the site has widest selection of poker tables. Some of the selection including roulette tables, craps tables, blackjack tables, poker tables and many others high quality products.

Since 90% of the products in American Gaming Supply are in stock, so I think my uncle can purchase it few weeks before coming CNY festive. More ever, their shipping process is pretty fast too as they will ship within 1-5 business days once they receive our order.

Ok, I will remind my uncle by end December to place an order for poker table from American Gaming Supply, hopefully they can play at new poker table by coming CNY festive.

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