Thursday, October 04, 2007

Quality bar stools

I hardly go to pub before marriage as hubby and I dislike going to those noisy places. However I change my mind after my colleague brought me to his father’s newly pub that near my office area. His pub not noisy as other disco pub and he open play soft and sentimental music throughout his business hour. I love this kind of environment that allow me to have a relax mind by just having drink there.

Besides good and quiet environment of the pub, I also noticed the pub’s interior design and furnishings are well done. His dad bought some stylish yet good quality bar stools for the pub used. Most of the bar stools that he ordered are customized with his choice of fabric options and metal finish options which perfect match with his pub design. That’s why I can see his pub is tastefully set up though he did not spend much on renovation.

His dad told me that he order those stools from Quality Bar Stools, an United States online store that offers bar stools from the nation's top manufacturer's at discount pricing. There are wide ranges of bar stools selection can be found in the site too, all listed with clear photo images. Too bad, my house do not have mini bar, else I will be tempted to order some quality bar stools for it.

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