Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why our TV so small?

Why our TV so small?

My girls complaining why our house TV unit smaller than her uncle’s house TV. 29 inch Vs 34 inch, of course can see the difference la. By the way, her uncle's house is bigger and more spacious than ours, sure he can buy big screen TV to place in his living hall. Our living hall no place to put bigger screen TV, unless we move out one cabinet, then we only got place to put big Samsung's 50" HP-T5084 there.

Why I mentioned Samsung’s 50"? Coz I love the big and flat panel TV as I can watch big images without the need to go nearer to the TV...hehehe…

Mind you, the price for a Samsung's 50" HP-T5084 is not cheap at all. I have to work hard for it now.