Saturday, July 07, 2007

Free Busines Listing

It is wise for business owner to do more web listing and submit web directory for their business web in order to attract more attention towards their products and services. MerchantCircle is an online directory which provides a web page listing, blogging and email newsletter applications, and a local business network that drives local web presence for small businesses.

MerchantCircle getting popular for business owner now coz this is the place whereby business owners able to exchange business tips with each other, as well as can "claim" and customize their listing with ads, coupons, and newsletters at no charge. Yeah, you hear me right, the service is totally FREE!

Here are the 2 good articles for you to read and know more about MerchantCircle.

1. MerchantCircle to Crush Yahoo! Local Listings with Local Business Networking.

2. Think MySpace, but for Local Businesses.

Check it out, I am sure it able to growth your business very soon!