Friday, July 13, 2007

Give me back the weekend

My hubby seem not tire of study, he told me he still want to take PhD if I allow him to do so. He has his plan but I am the one who stop him for doing so. Am I selfish? I don’t know. As I know if I allow him study part time for his PhD, then I am going to spend many weekends without his present. This is because for part time basis, he needs to attend classes during every weekend. However weekend to me is like family day, a day for all of us to spend quality time together.
I have another suggestion for him actually. He can takes online college like capella university to earn his Doctorate. This school did provide distance learning and it is an online accredited university that offers the challenge and quality of a traditional classroom and the flexibility to fit education into our life. With this arrangement, he can study at home, and will not miss out the weekend with the girls too!