Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pending task from work

They see me very free in office, actually I got lot of pending work on my desk now. All are typing task. I hate to do typing actually but my boss seem like treating me as typist. Sigh, he can actually hire a typist solely for his work I tell you.

Besides doing for his work, I still have to take care my shipping/logistic work. Sometimes I feel stress when lot of shipments come in one time, at the same time he pass me lot of paper work. Which one to do first? Not easy ler...well I will make sure my shipment is out first before I settle for any other typing job. To me, shipment is more important than other thing, coz once shipment is out, that mean we got money rolling in already. The rest still can do later.

Of course, I will not drag longer for his job too! Need to balance out!