Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Crown for myself

When I was 13, I had a big fall within my house area and caused 2 of my front teeth broken. The broken teeth also cut my upper and lower lips badly. I still can remember clearly how rush it is my parents rush me to hospital to seek for help. End up I had few stitches for my lips and my tongue too!

After the horrible incident, I hardly smile to everyone due to the broken front teeth. I was still in primary school and my other classmates laugh at me whenever I open my mouth. They cause me loss my confident indirectly. Too bad, I came from not so rich family, else I can seek help from Dentist Bishops Stortford to make a set of crown for myself. This dentist able to make the crowns from pure porcelain, ceramic or aesthetic reinforced resins that blend beautifully with the existing tooth and surrounding gum, so that it will not left any dark lines around our crowns.

I definitely will look for a crown that looks as natural as possible. Let me check the price first before confirm the decision to get a crown for myself.