Wednesday, October 03, 2007

High Definition footage video

I have a friend who studies in advertising field. His college will constantly ask for nice video footages as their term project or assignment. Sometimes he is having problem to do those videos all by his own and he come and seek my help. My goodness, I never study in advertising field, also never do video clips before, how on earth I can assist him for doing his video project?

So what I can do for him is I search online, hopefully I able to get one or two websites that able to give him some ideas on creating his video. Lucky I found, where he can purchases those video footages with a minimum loyalty fee and purchasers no need to specify and adhere to certain limitation. Once you had become the registered members of AlwaysHD, you can buy good quality of HD Professional Stock Videos and sell your own stock video footages to them.

I will get him to check out the site now!