Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Customer complaint

One of our customers from Australia complaining that we sent defect products to them again. Of course my boss will feel unhappy about it since this is not the first time he received such complaints. He wants a thorough report from our QA department, however our QA department unable to provide details report as requested by him. Now our customer wants our technical staff to fly to Sydney to do the rework for them, else they are going to ship back whole lot to us under our account.

Since our company already not making profit for the pass few months, of course my boss will not allow them to return the products to us. Therefore he assigned 2 technical staff to fly to Sydney and do the rework. At the same time, he requests me to look for cheap hotels in Sydney as he wants to save cost from it. There are lots of hotels in Sydney, I am sure I am able to find one that is reasonable price and within our budget.