Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I prefer men shoes

I was thinking should I buy a new pair of sport shoes for myself since my current Reebok shoes no longer in trend now. Come on, I already wear it for more than 3 years by now, it is not shock if the design is obsolete by now. However I am ok with the design as the shoes still in good condition and I think I still can wear for another 1 year plus. I know how to take proper care for my clothing as well as my shoes too!

If I will to buy another pair of new sport shoe, I think I will get myself a more male like shoe coz I don’t like too girly shoes when come to sport shoe. I prefer male sport shoes very much as compare to shoes for female. You can count me weird if you want! LOL

By the way, I like this apple green color Mercurial Vapor III Firm Ground Boot from Nike. I love apple green very much, that’s why I fall in love with this shoe once I enter Shopping.com website. The white/black-metallic silver Nike Mercurial Vapor III FG also not bad. Hehe…I wish I can own 2 at the same time, too bad my budget not allow me do so. Never mind, with one pair of Mercurial Vapor III Firm Ground Boot, I already entitle for the free shipping. Just place this order for time being now.