Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hubby wants PDA

My Hubby had been eyeing for one PDA long time ago. The reason why till now he still yet to get one for himself is the price for one PDA still high and he is waiting for big sale then only he will buy one.

Lately he saw many online stores or retail shops offer great price for Palm Tungsten E2, he tempted to get one too. The unit comes with brighter and richer color screen. The best feature is the flash memory can keeps information safe if we don't have time to recharge it. More ever Palm Tungsten E2 has the Bluetooth® wireless technology. No wonder hubby wants it.

In fact hubby also can buy his PDA from since the site will list out various stores that selling this product with product review too. He also can compare the prices from those stores before confirm his purchase.