Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TV no longer belong to me

Lately I have to fight with my girls then only I got chance to watch my favorite movies in TV. Each time when I on the TV channel, one of them sure will come to me and grab the remote control from me. She will press and select cartoon channel for her and ignore my instruction. When I show my angry face then only she willing to pass back the remote control to me. see, the TV no longer belong to me now.

I was thinking to buy another LCD TV for the living room, then the old unit can put in reading room to let the kids watch there. As I know Samsung LNT3242H, 32 inch HDTV LCD TV quite good quality. I love the big screen, can see the image clearly. However I am not sure whether hubby allow me to buy or not since LCD TV not cheap now. never mind, I will slowly coax him to agree with my selection.