Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Play online games to release angriness

Argh…..why this happen to me!!!???? Not only me, I think those blogs that loaded with paid post will have the same situation as me now.

I am so disappointed when I knew my Page Rank drop from 4 to 3 now. I knew the blog contained lots of paid post inside but why must google demoted the PR? Does this mean that we cannot do paid blogging anymore? Then what about placing google adsense into the blog? Will it affect the page rank as well?

Though this page rank thingy did bothering me but I cannot do anything since I cannot control or change google’s ranking. Let’s forget about it. I think I shall check with other bloggers whether there is any other ways to gain back my page rank or not.

For the time being, I better enjoy some online games to release my angriness. I was told now we can play blackjack in Backgammon website and they also have some articles that teach and guide us on how to play blackjack online. Sound exciting to me coz I am not so familiar with blackjack actually. Most of the time when I play with my friends during CNY festive, I need guidelines from them. Now I can practice my blackjack skill via backgammon online websites, hopefully by next CNY festive I able to beat my friends and win their money! LOL

I better get my backgammon download into my computer now!