Friday, July 13, 2007

Can I be a lecturer?

I am tired of working now. I wish to stay away from work for time being, the best is to take 2 weeks and go for relaxing holiday. However my boss would not allow me to take such long leave coz still many pending work waiting for me to settle. He only allows me to off for 2 days. *sigh* 2 days is not enough for me to recharge battery!!

At time I will think whether I am suitable to be a lecturer or not but hubby said I am under qualify for the post. This is due to I do not have any degree or MBA qualification. To me, doing lecturer work should be much easier than current job, that’s why I have the thought. I think I shall take up MBA course at capella university since it is the fastest-growing online university, and it expands its enrolled learner base at a rate that's four times as fast as the rate for all learners entering distance learning. With this way, I can be a lecturer very soon, right?