Friday, July 06, 2007

IPITV Magazine

Magazine subscription is one of my hobbies and I usually love to subscribe fashion or cooking recipe magazines. I love to follow up to date information/tips on fashion or life style as well as some nice and yummy cooking recipe. My hubby has the same hobby too as he loves to read business and share market magazine. So we spend quite some money in this hobby. However all these money are value for money coz we really benefit from the information provided by the magazines.

Well, IPITV magazine is one of the must own magazine for us coz it has been recognized with awards locally, regionally and nationally. It has produces a series called Business Today that identifies market trends, business ventures, and investment opportunities. I am sure my hubby would love to read the first hand information from it. Other than that he also able to receive the latest news, research, and expert advice on cutting edge technology, industry innovations, and global strategy.

IPITV magazine also been featured as one of the most accredited travel information magazines in the National Travel & Tourism Guide for Media Publications. That’s mean I also can dig some useful travel information for my future vacation planning!