Thursday, July 05, 2007

Too Much Fibre Is No Good

Many of us believe fibre is good for our body as well as prevent constipation. However lately I was told taking too much fibre is not for young children. Fibre will makes them feel full faster and longer which may reduce the amount of food they eat throughout the day. Also too much insoluble fibre such as those found in wholesome bread or brown rice can prevent effective absorption of iron and calcium.

So, which is true now? Shall I listen to which party? What I will do now is to take moderately, no more no less, then shouldn't be a problem to the health I think. But lately Enfa milk powder was added Fibre as one of the ingredient, jet up the price too! *sigh* who said fibre no good wor?


snoopy said...

Er, I think scientist or who ever that do research they are not so sure too..because they only use the mice to test and we are human..LOL!

So to be safe, dont take too much!