Friday, July 06, 2007

Miss my Dad

I miss my dad dearly actually. He left us while I am 13 and my youngest brother is at 12. He definitely leaves an impact to our life…till now. I still can remember clearly what happen during the incident day. He fall down from 2 storey house and his body is badly injured and he died the next day.

My dad is a carpenter. He builds houses for others as well as our existing house. He is our idol all the time and we impress he got such skill to build houses for people. He doesn’t have high education level, in fact he never enter school before. However he managed to learn the skill of making house, don’t you think he is very talented?

Though he is strict to us and hardly shows his love to us directly but we know he is working hard to earn money, so that we can have a better life. If ever I have chance to say something to my dear dad, I would say: papa, I miss you and I love you. Being Asian, I never say I Love You to my dad or even my mom now. Now I can write my words to my deceased dad at Registry of Life. It is an online memorial honoring and celebrating the lives of your loved ones who have passed away. You can either choose from a variety of templates/themes to create your Registry of Life Living Registry or customized your own designed. Check out the site for more information.