Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Make me feel younger

I wonder what if one day I go for plastic surgery, will my family agree with my decision or will they against it. Or will my girls still can recognize me after the surgery? Hehe….however I don’t think I have the gut to do so, because for sure the surgery cost is not cheap, I don’t think I am afford to pay for it.

Sometimes I am quite envy those Hollywood celebrities able to do plastic surgery to make them look prettier and younger. Hey they earn so much in a year; for sure they will go for it to pamper themselves, right?

Beverly Hills plastic surgery business getting good also partly due to those Hollywood artist and actress are staying in the same country; they are the one who support Rodeo Drive actually. Another reason contribute to well known of Beverley Hills plastic surgery is due to they have skillful and experience Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. This causes lot of celebrities have confidence to do the plastic surgery at their place.