Wednesday, May 30, 2007

200th Post!!

Wow, I couldn't believe it! I had been writing 200th for TigaP. Post title of Another credit card for me marked the 200th post.

I joined TigaP during Feb, Feb - May (4 mths) can write for 200 post, is quite a lot to me. But I know many of you write more than me coz I only have one blog to maintain, unless you guys have more than one. Tell you what, even with one blog I already feel tired to maintain, what if I have the money who motivate me to write! hehehe....yet to buy any domain ler.

Will I stop writing for paid post? hahaha....not at the moment ya, I'll still write while I can and while the trend is there!


snoopy said...

hehe...i just about writting post for ppp. I m exactly 10% of what your write...

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