Tuesday, May 22, 2007

22/05 - a date to remember

Nope, this is not my anniversary date or birthday. But I'll remember this date every year, without fail. I did not set an alarm to remember this date too, but I just can remember it.

This is birthday date for my ex-lady boss, for my ex-ex-company. She is my first employment boss too. She is really nice to me, in fact she is nice to everybody in the office. Whenever anyone birthday in office, for sure she'll go to town and buy them a lovely cake. Yes, she loves to treat us that way which make us respect her a lot.

During April month, she will bring me out for a good meal, just to celebrate Secretary Day with me. Such a thoughtful boss, where to find now? Until today, I still feel very regret for resigning my first job. She ever asked me work with her again, too bad, I cannot make it due to long distance.

I am going to send her an ecard later, just to tell her I miss her and wishing her: