Thursday, May 17, 2007

She likes to do it

Sometimes I am not really understand my MIL. She loves to keep things and buy things. I know you might say old folks are like that but to me it is way too much. Some of the things are old stuff but she still keep them in her room or even under her bed. All these make our house look small even it is a semi-D house. At times, hubby and I tried to threw away certain old stuff in the kitchen, like tin, can, plastic bag or carton box, end up both of us being scolded by her. Hey, those stuff been congested in the kitchen and collecting dust for dunno how long, she never use or even touch them, what for keeping them? Threw la!

Another bad habit of her is, like to collect back things that threw by neighour. Oh My, we no need that, we still afford to buy new thing, why must she took back those rubbish? Most of the time I cannot complain much, just keep quiet, else sure the war start. I have to open one eye and close one eye. But when she is away, I'll still find way to threw those rubbish or purposely destroy them! LOL