Thursday, May 31, 2007

Big car ? small car?

Hubby always teased me: want to change car or not? Viva not bad ler! My answer to him is: don't want small car, if really want to change, I want 7-seater MPV! LOL

Do I really like to own luxury car like 7-seater MPV? Not really, coz I am a thrift type person. But this is the only answer that I can stop hubby continue asking me the same question. Why? The reason very simple, not that we are not afford but we do not want to engage with any huge loan currently, we enjoy debt free status now too! If need to change car, our priority is look for second hand car too and preferable pay in cash too! Hey, bearing loan or debt is not easy; you will always think of this when come to month end. We do not want to go through that phase now; we want to enjoy life now!

I am lucky actually; at least I wrote paid post is for fun, not mean to pay any loan. I can actually spend as much as I like too but I did not practice that way. Money still not easy to find now, you got to work hard only can get it. While I can, why not I blog more and earn more? Don’t envy me, you can do it too!