Saturday, May 19, 2007

Software security system

Security is a top priority for enterprise customers. Many companies will need to ensure comprehensive access control mechanism in place in order to safeguard proprietary information and comply with federal and industry regulations.

A company should study and do a research first before selecting the best security software that suit company needs. Symark Software is the leading provider of UNIX and Linux security administration solutions for heterogeneous IT environments. There are many types of software offers by Symark, they have PowerBroker, PowerPassword-User Management Edition and PowerKeeper.

The PowerBroker and PowerPassword-User Management Edition (UME) access control solutions will fully support the new HP Integrity servers running the HP-UX 11i v3 operating system, whereas the Symark PowerBroker® enables granular delegation of administrative privileged access while restricting UNIX/Linux root account access.

Overall Symark offers extensive expertise in enterprise computing security, and its products are backed by unmatched technical support. You may go to their website to learn more on their security software and find one that suit your company needs.