Monday, May 14, 2007

My window blinds

I had decided to install wooden blinds for my window in my room instead of sewing a cloth type blinds which will take up my precious time. Having 2 toddlers at home make me cannot do my own thing as and when I like. Each time when I start do the sewing, they will come to me and beg me to play with them. If I refuse, then they will take a stool and stand near to me and watching me do the sewing. Most of the time they little hand will disturb me and drive me crazy. I worry my sewing machine might hurt them indirectly.

Blinds offers by Blinds Chalet looks so nice and so many selection for me to choose from. Their design is simple yet practical. The best of all is they offer life time warranty. I shall browse through their web to look for my design blinds.


Winfred Eibach said...

Wooden blinds are more attractive and adds a touch of class and chic. I've install wooden blinds too and it's really easy. The wooden blinds also matches my furniture and it just looks great.