Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's over soon.

May is the last month I am on medication (Yippee!!!!).

After that my next target is to loss some extra FAT. I had put on lot of weight during medication period. Main reason is the medicine consumed contained some dunno what to call hormone ingredient (me really no good in terming these entire drug). Gynae advised me to take, I just follow his advice. He said it is good to remove the balance blood stain from my worm (blood from period cycle).

Those medicines not cheap though, each month I have to spare RM200 for the one month supply. Imagine, 6 months x RM200 = RM1200.00! Wow, quite a lot to me but all paid by DH coz he insisted to pay for me.

After medication, also it’s time for me to start my next plan. Really hope my dream will come true. Wish me luck!