Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I want to learn jewelry making

While I do my blog hopping, I came to know two of my blogger mommies have the hobby of jewellery making and beading. They even listed their end products in the website for sale. I was told their online business quite good and they are happy to turn their interest into making money field. Congrats to them!

I ever browsed through their web and found out they are very talented and creative too. They had made various types of beading shape for any occasion, very suitable to give it as present for your friends or mom. Frankly I am quite envy that they have the talent to make all these beading, I wish I have the time to do-it-myself too.

I was told that Lallette sells unique beads and components for jewellery projects. They also have Jewellery making kits which include all the beads, findings and colour instructions you need to complete the jewelry projects. With all these equipments in hand, perhaps I can learn how to do beading myself.