Monday, May 21, 2007

Be my bridesmaid

I was a bridesmaid before and received few unique bridesmaid gifts too. The most unique bridesmaid gift I ever got is a love shape key chain which engraved my name onto it. It looks so elegant and nice. I love this personalized keychain, it shows how thoughtful my friends is, though the item cost not much but very meaningful to me.

After the wedding session, I checked with my friends from where she gets the idea for bridesmaid gift. She told me she do the searching online, later found out a web offers many lovely and creative gifts for wedding favors and gift ideas. I shall bookmark the website for my future reference. Opps, not for my wedding ya coz I am married by now. I can send to my friends who are going to marry soon or perhaps I can keep for my girls! LOL

There are many options when comes to choosing unique Bridesmaid Gifts . Since you’re the one who know your friends well, hence you able to find one that suit their taste or needs. Many people will give the same gift for each bridesmaid coz simple and fewer headaches for them. However you have to make sure the price range are the same, else your bridesmaid might think the other way round.

Bridesmaids Gifts are the most fun part of any wedding. You should get them a unique bridesmaid gift for being part of your wedding ceremony. I still prefer engraved items that contain the names, a quote about friendship or some word or phrase that has special meaning for just the two of you.