Friday, May 25, 2007

Cannot sweep floor at night time

I was about to sweep the floor one night coz my girls has mess up the living hall with lot of biscuit. But my MIL try to stop me from doing so, she told me no good do sweeping at night time. I asked her why but she no give me a solid reason which can convince me. Or I should say she did not tell me any reason too. I obey her coz I don't want to argue with her. Most of time I am the loser, better save my energy.

So, did I stop sweeping floor at night after the incidents? hehe...Nope, I still do it if my floor is dirty coz I cannot stand the mess. Strange is my MIL never say any word when she saw me sweep the floor. She must be thinking I am too sturbon to listen to her and better save her energy or saliva. LOL

I am not a superticious person.